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Day 95:  My PJ's!!
Day 95: My PJ's!!
June 3rd, 2007: The flannel goodness was so comfortable as I bowled to help foster kids. =)
Photo by PunkJr on Flickr
13.52.01 Anchors Away
13.52.01 Anchors Away
During 2013, I'm planning two weekly photo projects documenting my style - one, my personal style and the other that of my living space. The first of these will hopefully also chronicle the making of some hugely...
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There's no place like home
There's no place like home
After I brought Pajamas home from the vet yesterday afternoon, she got out of her carrier (which she has always hated - until she got sick last week), sniffed around a bit and then got right back into it. I wanted her...
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