• Watch This Cotton Candy Machine Help Grow Tissue

    2017-Feb-01 -

    A cotton candy machine might be the key to growing artificial human tissue. How sweet is that? (Shutterstock). Scientists are getting closer to being able to grow human tissue in a lab that can replace what a patient has lost in an accident or to

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    2017-Jan-30 -

    That's where the cotton candy machine comes in. The size of fibers it produces are very close to the size of capillaries. The researchers pour hydrogel over the fibers, harden the hydrogel in an incubator and then dissolve the fibers, leaving a network

  • Klout founder Joe Fernandez wants to rent you a cotton candy machine

    2016-Oct-21 -

    It's likely that Joe Fernandez, the former co-founder and CEO of Klout, owns more cotton candy machines than almost anyone else in the greater Los Angeles area. The same thing goes for bubble machines, giant Connect Four boards and outdoor movie 

  • Honeysuckle Tea Time Will Host Valentine's Themed Milkshake Pop-Ups

    2017-Feb-08 -

    New flavors include Chocolate Covered Strawberry with a chocolate chai shake, marshmallow cream, chocolate shards and chocolate-covered strawberries; Candy Crush with a lavender shake topped with whipped cream, cotton candy, conversation hearts, 

  • Cushing Woman Accused of Breaking into Church

    2017-Jan-31 -

    УWhen I asked Kotie about the other property such as the USB drives and cotton candy machine, Kotie told me she did not take those items from the church.Ф The Cushing officer had been sent to the church at about 11 a.m. on Jan. 3 regarding a possible 

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Cotton candy maker
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