• Cotton Babies cloth diaper company to move manufacturing operations to Fenton

    2016-Aug-27 -

    FENTON Х Jennifer Labit remembers long nights sitting in her laundry room about a dozen years ago, folding and sewing together cloth diaper inserts made from microfiber cleaning cloths usually found in the automotive section. Her efforts eventually led

  • Cloth diapers aren't the greener choice, after all

    2015-May-10 -

    Although there is a growing market for all-in-one reusable diapers made from synthetics, most cloth diapers are still cotton prefolds Ч rectangles of fabric that fit into waterproof liners. And as a crop and a fabric, cotton undermines its own

  • Disposable Diapers Add Millions Of Tons Of Waste To Landfills Each Year, According To EPA Report

    2016-Dec-31 -

    Hemp cloth diapers also absorbs more than cotton by weight. Recently introduced on, Baby Tooshy offers bamboo cloth diaper inserts, hemp inserts, hemp flat diapers, flushable diaper liners and waterproof cloth diaper covers that have 

  • Disposable Diapers Add Millions of Tons of Waste to Landfills Each Year

    2017-Jan-02 -

    In response to increasing demand, Baby Tooshy has introduced new bamboo diaper inserts and hemp cloth diaper diapers and cloth diaper covers that make cloth diapers virtually leak-proof, to help families save money and waste compared to disposable 

  • Finland's "baby box" is a tradition full of nudges

    2016-Dec-28 -

    In 1969 the box included disposable diapers, but the Finns reversed course in 2006 and reinstated a cloth diaper cover and four Уcotton gauze inserts,Ф for environmental reasons. They also omitted a bottle, to encourage moms to breastfeed. There's

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soaker-hugger insert
soaker-hugger insert
weehuggers cover with a bamboo/organic cotton insert with a "soaker-hugger" fleece sleeve
Photo by weehuggers on Flickr
Small Happy Heineys
Small Happy Heineys
Small Happy Heineys Pocket Prints. Without Inserts. Paw Print Duck Print Frog Print Ocean Print Bought New. No stains. Print is a little faded. Elastic in excellent condition. Velcro in good condition. Never...
Photo by Lynda Giddens on Flickr

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