• Ask the Sexpert: Alternative Menstrual Products

    2017-Feb-09 -

    Cotton pads are one of the many eco-friendly period products now available. Sea sponge tampons are another option A reusable pad consists of a removable liner on a holder with clips/buttons/velcro that keep the pad in place. They are sold in a

  • This Easy DIY Hack Turns a Pringles Can Into a Beauty Organizer

    2015-Dec-01 -

    Sure, the holidays are a festive season of light and love. They're also a bank-account-draining exercise in material acquisition. Which is why I love any idea that involves staying home and reusing things I already have. When I stumbled upon an easy

  • 10 changing pad covers that'll make your nursery look nicer

    2017-Jan-25 -

    If you like the pattern, Trend Lab offers crib sheets, curtains, and a diaper holder in the same fabric. (Amazon, $9.95) Carousel Designs Lavender Floral Tropic: Give your changing station a great big pow of color with this bright and beautiful

  • Would You Put Urine On Your Face For Better Skin?

    2016-Sep-16 -

    I want you to sit back, close your eyes, and think long and hard about good skin. Glowy skin. Breakout-free skin. How badly do you want it? Would you give up dairy? Force an orgasm every day? (Okay, that one's easy.) Pee on a cotton pad and rub it on

  • Bleeding On The Job: A Menstruation Investigation

    2016-Jul-26 -

    For all of Kramer's efforts, it is still relatively uncommon for public restrooms to be equipped with a tampon or pad dispenser and it is even rarer for those products to be available for free. When vending machines exist in office bathrooms

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