• At Milan Men's Fashion Week, Prada and Versace Take It Down a Notch

    2017-Jan-17 -

    But a lot of less privileged (though still prosperous) men would look equally good in one of Ms. Missoni's zip-up sweaters or jackets; her skater-baggy houndstooth pajama pants; her stitched cashmere coats of many colors (70 different hues deployed to

  • Tom Brady and Under Armour would like you to buy some $80-$100 sleepwear for athletes

    2017-Jan-05 -

    Yes, they're selling pajamas that cost $99.99 for a long sleeve top or pants. The T-shirt is $79.99. So what do you get The pattern includes special bioceramic particles that absorb infrared wavelengths emitted by the body and reflect back Far

  • Tackling Tech: Tom Brady, Smart Clothes and the Pursuit of Peak Performance

    2017-Jan-12 -

    TB12's sleep recovery system - which includes night-time apparel and an updated app from Under Armour - fit into the smart clothing category. The innovative short- and long-sleeve shirts and pants help athletes understand and get the most of their sleep.

  • Blue Bobbin Studio thrives in Viroqua

    2016-Aug-21 -

    Handwork at PRWS was a menagerie of activities and a vast variety of crafts and projects for the children to work on. From knitting small animals in the early grades to building stools and sewing pajama pants, the job takes a wide range of skill and

  • New Ways to Get Intimate

    2017-Feb-01 -

    An unlikely new thought is coursing through the stereotypically superficial fashion industry: It's what's underneath that counts. Born perhaps of overstuffed Pinterest boards and selfie-laden Instagram feeds, the desire to cultivate one's personal

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