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Massage, clean one
Massage, clean one
After lunch at the basement of MBK, we set the women free to explore the shops of Siam Square. My wife had a serene Zen-like smile on her face as she floated in and out of the many shops in Bangkok, accompanied by Jo,...
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13 things |day 126-year 2
13 things |day 126-year 2
1.Im a soap whore. I love high end soaps, be it soaps I bought when I was in Amsterdam, to soaps and shower gels I have bought from DHC. Will they make me look 10 years younger, unlikely. But the pleasure I get in...
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Abstract Jelly Collection  Se?ptima
Abstract Jelly Collection Se?ptima
Buy Prints | Blog | Google+ [... the following is a work of fiction ... or is it? ...] We had met on a stormy New York winter night. I was finally getting out of the office a few minutes shy of midnight,...
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