• Teen died trapped under truck in Lake Mead rollover crash, says coroner

    2017-Mar-19 -

    The crashed happened Friday afternoon near Nelson's Landing, where the boy was found ejected from a vehicle. The driver in the crash has been arrested, though neither the park service nor Las Vegas police had updates on the case as of Sunday. The park 

  • Midlands family fighting cancer collects pajamas for other patients

    2017-Mar-18 -

    A Midlands boy who is fighting two forms of leukemia is giving back in a unique way to others battling cancer. We first told you about Judah is now turning 3 years old on March 20 and still fighting cancer although his health is improving. "Judah

  • Madeleine Albright, Michle Flournoy and Wendy Sherman: The Full Transcript

    2017-Feb-27 -

    The era of the pajama boy is over January 20th, and the alpha males are back." Well, today I .. And when 3 million women, the day after the inauguration, took to the streets off of an email, social media eruption, when women across the world did

  • Scoreboard: Friday, February 24

    2017-Feb-27 -

    I'd love to know who Rachel's guests were. . . but if nobody out of the ordinary, I'd love to think that Tucker's 9/8/7PM viewership just may get out there on a Friday night with friends/sig. others. . . she probably has the "pajama boy" market

  • DC Theater Season 2017-18: The word from Woolly & Theater J

    2017-Mar-15 -

    The Pajama Game, Oct. 27-Dec. 24. The 1950s musical comedy about a labor strike in a PJ plant, featuring such numbers as Hey There and Steam Heat. Directed not by Arena artistic director Molly Smith, who traditionally helms the holiday musicals

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When you dream you are a fireman you might wet the bed
When you dream you are a fireman you might wet the bed
The boy saw how fires were put out. He wanted to be a fireman when he grew up. Once you are asleep, the water that you think you are putting the fire out with, is really you wetting the bed. At the age of nine Sister...
Photo by theirhistory on Flickr
a different kind of tag [damn it!]
a different kind of tag [damn it!]
i'm ill, so you're lucky i'm not wearing pajamas! shitty pic even on black you know that bad topsy-turvy boy they call ??p??d? well, he's the kind of person that strolls through flickr tagging innocent users with new...
Photo by guercio on Flickr
10 Random facts [Viv]
10 Random facts [Viv]
Following MayYeo's suggestion, now i'll do one of these for each tagging i receive \o/ Tagged by Shira! #1: His full name is actually Qamar Ravi Vivekananda, but since everyone sucks at spelling it, so "Viv' is...
Photo by illusionwaltz on Flickr

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