• Kids create superheroes, sci-fi and more at Lake Erie Ink comic con

    2017-Feb-21 -

    This year features a keynote talk by Terri Libenson, cartoonist for the internationally syndicated comic strip, "The Pajama Diaries." A dozen artists will lead classes and panel talks about the art of creating comics. That lineup spans a diversity of

  • 'Pajama Diaries' joins Sunday comics

    2016-Dec-02 -

    The Times-Gazette's Sunday color comics section recently added a new title, "The Pajama Diaries" by Terri Liebenson. Liebenson won the National Cartoonist Society's Reuben Award this year for Best Newspaper Comic Strip. The strip is focused on harried 

  • Kids Comic Con at Lake Erie Ink Bigger Than Ever

    2017-Mar-01 -

    This year's event includes a keynote address by Terri Libenson, cartoonist for the internationally syndicated comic strip The Pajama Diaries, as well as a visit from Gary Kaplan, cousin of Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel, who will share stories of

  • Terri Libenson's Pajama Diaries take a look at the body image issue for young girls

    2014-May-19 -

    Beginning Tuesday May 20, "The Pajama Diaries" will present a six-day series called "Body Image 101." Over that week Jill will deal with her teen and pre-teen daughters as they relate to their changing bodies. Libenson -- who lives in Mayfield Heights

  • John Moore: Changes in Star features, comics, format

    2017-Jan-07 -

    New to the page will be "Rhymes with Orange," "Sherman's Lagoon," "The Pajama Diaries," "Bizarro," "Carpe Diem," "Arctic Circle" and "Between Friends." They will replace "Garfield," "Rose is Rose," "Frank and Ernest," "The Born Loser," "Phoebe and Her 

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Diary: 23rd of July 2014
Diary: 23rd of July 2014
Photo by Paul of Congleton on Flickr
17th of August 2017
17th of August 2017
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Diary: 21st of May 2012
Diary: 21st of May 2012
Photo by Paul of Congleton on Flickr

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